April 10 - 12:00-18:00. Entrance for professionals.
April 11 - 10:00-18:00. Entrance for professionals.
April 12 - 10:00-18:00. Entrance for all visitors.
April 13 - 10:00-16:00. Entrance for all visitors.



Mobile devices and accessories

  • Mobile phones, smartphones
  • Tablet PCs, ultrabooks, laptops
  • eBook readers
  • Cases, bags, protective films, bumpers
  • Charging devices, batteries and accumulators
  • iZone – devices and accessories for Apple products

Cloud services and applications

Computer hardware and peripherals

  • Media players
  • Desktop and portable drives, NAS hard drives, USB flash drives
  • Home PCs
  • Gaming consoles
  • PC monitors, cases and acoustics
  • Keyboards, mouse pointing devices, webcams, headsets
  • Filters, stabilizing devices, UPS
  • Robototronics



Car Media

  • Video recorders
  • Action cameras
  • Radar detection devices
  • GPS navigators



Health & fitness

  • Smart watches, fitness trackers, smart clothes
  • Mobile medicine (smart scales, heart rate monitors, glucometers, etc.)
  • Action cameras

Smart Home

  • Smart home operating systems
  • Voice control system
  • Plug&play smart home devices
  • Smart home appliances
  • Wireless security and fire alarm cameras,
  • Wireless sensors of motion, temperature, smoke and leak, window and door locks
  • Smart sockets, switches, bulbs, dimmers
  • Smart home consumer electronics
  • Robotic vacuum cleaner

AR/VR devices

  • Virtual reality helmets
  • Augmented reality glasses

Includes a poster exhibition and demonstration area

Connected cars
Demonstration of new connected vehicle technologies and mobile solutions

IoT hardware and software platforms
Software and hardware platforms

  • Department for External Economic and International Relations of Moscow
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of RF
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Moscow
  • General partner
  • Information partner
  • Media Partner